Foot Mobilisation

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Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT)

The practice of Foot Mobilisation Techniques (FMT) is a specifically developed form of manual therapy aimed at improving foot and leg function. FMT targets joints of the foot and ankle which are stiff, poorly aligned or dysfunctional and aims to gradually restore the way they work. This is achieved through a series of 'hands on' treatment sessions in conjunction with a specific exercise regime as prescribed by your podiatrist.

Several of our podiatrists have invested their time and energy in participating in FMT training with arguably Australia's leading FMT expert in Podiatry, Mr Ted Jedynak. Ted founded three FMT centres in South Australia and Queensland. By his own description, "FMT has evolved from combining the podiatric biomechanical understanding of foot & leg function, with the manual therapeutic experience of physiotherapy and chiropractic."

We are proud to offer this alternative service to our patients at Kingsway Podiatry.

FMT also featured on Channel Seven's Today Tonight programme. Please click on the link for the story;